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From: Germaine Hudson London, England
Saturday, June 03, 2023

Dear Friend,

Ask yourself these 7 questions

Do you find it increasingly difficult to cope with diabetes, a disease in which you feel trapped by?

Are frequent insulin injections and finger pricking a source of annoyance or frustration?

Are you tormented by the risk of dying early from stroke and heart disease and thoughts that block your daily life as well?

Have you become tense and irritable because of weight issues that afflict you because of the medicine you take?

Do you often find yourself feeling guilty of fearful of eating a regular meal?

Are you being crushed under the moment by moment attention this disease demands?

Are you on the brink of an emotional crisis because the side-effects your medicine creates?

If your answer to any one of these question is yes, then The Diabetes Managing ebook can help you better manage your diabetes condition.

Here's what this is about...

For the longest time, medical professionals in the Western world viewed diabetes as a horrible disease to be managed. This means subjecting poor patients to an endless cycle of blood glucose monitoring,dietary restrictions and medication.

Why I'm Ready To Puke!

There are several popular diabetes companies out there who are advertising the hell out of themselves and products. They charge thousands for diabetic meal plans, diabetes equipment and direct medical consultations. They charge thousands more to have you locked into a series of pill and insulin solutions. Do these well-known diabetes solutions help? Often, yes. There are plenty of stories of people who see results and live well. That's why they can continue to sell the rest of us on their Latest and Diabetes Solutions. But at what cost?, And how long does it last before people automatically encounter complications? Not only are diabetic patients subject to this cruel regime of prickingtheir fingers daily for blood ... the pills they consume will send shivers downyour spine if you REALLY knew their side effects.

But here is what is really shocking...

There is already a good method used by people suffering from Diabetes that has been helping sufferers even reversing and better managing the condition. And you don't have to pay thousands of dollars for it! But it's rarely shared and you certainly won't find companies and your doctor passing on this valuable and life changing solution.

So why isn't this common knowledge?

It's simple really

    • The pharma industry is a billion dollar business
    • Companies don't want you to know the truth behind this natural solution because it means less money in their pocket
    • A natural solution that is curing people of diabetes means fewer people will buy common diabetes pills, equipment and FDA approved solutions.
    • Think about this: If they were truly smart, would they really disclose what is going to be detrimental to them, to you? After all, if you know what they know, they'd be out of business! You wouldn't need them anymore!

The medical industry has led us by the nose for a long time and we have fallen hook line and sinker for it. Today medicine attacks the symptoms but never deals with the cause of the problem. Moreover, Doctors openly confess that they have no clue what really causes Diabetes, but as long as they can offer a over the counter solution it doesn't matter right? Wrong! I'm guessing you're smarter than that otherwise you wouldn't be seeking out alternative solutions to what is running your life. Truth is, we really don't need these pharma companies anymore. Yes, they are enticing, yes; they create clever and convincing campaigns, diabetes equipment, studies and reports. Yes, they even give us a sense of hope through their over the counter solutions. And yes, they are getting wealthy off us! As for me, I got tired of it!

This problem has been solved...

Here's Your Answer

You need to restore your body to your natural healthy state so that it can naturally produce insulin and manage your blood sugar levels without complications through a very specific cleansing. Here are just a few of the things you MUST know in order to manage your condition better.

    • A simple Dietary list of substances you must avoid eating, such as meat, milk and processed fats
    • Easy to find fruits and vegetables that are proven to clean up acidic waste fast by eating roots like ginger ( Determined as the most effective way to reduce quickly the effects of diabetes )
    • How to reduce your chances of heart attacks and strokes by 98% by eating vegetables like beetroot and carrots
    • How to slash you cravings without starving yourself of what you find delicious
    • How to get rid of high blood sugar levels quickly and naturally by eating the right foods at the right time

And that is just for starters You will begin to notice changes in your body as you pancreas is repaired and rebuilt. You will over time be able to lower the amount of insulin your body needs as your blood sugar levels will drop. You will be astonished at the noticeable change you will both feel and see in your life. Expect your family and friends to ask you what you have done, it's just part and parcel of what diabetes patients say happens when others begin to realize they are no longer taking insulin shots as frequent or in the same dosage they did before. Finally you will have the joy of telling your doctor and seeing his jaw-drop when he realizes your body is making positive improvments in managing your diabetes. Think about that for a moment. Here is a shortlist of satisfied diabetes patients including...


The Natural Way To Manage Diabetes!

Scientists, naturalists and a Nobel-Prize winner have discovered that your body can produce more than enough insulin on its own. In fact, there is a natural way to stimulate the organ to create insulin by itself This discovery was made after scientists paid closer attention to why common diseases were not as prevalent in undeveloped areas of the world.

Such as:

    • Lupus
    • High Cholesterol
    • Cancer
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • And Diabetes

If your answer to any one of these question is yes, then The Diabetes Management eBook can help you better manage your condition, better manage your blood sugar levels and transform your body back to a better natural balanced healthy condition.

Here's what this is about...

For the longest time, medical professionals in the Western world viewed diabetes as a horrible disease to be managed. This means subjecting poor patients to an endless cycle of blood glucose monitoring,dietary restrictions and medication.

What does this mean for you?

It means YOUR DIET is the single biggest reason you are still battling diabetes.

So imagine this:

Your body is the car, created to naturally and effectively work using organic fuel. For millions of years it has relied on key ingredients to function

    • Water
    • Seeds
    • Nuts
    • Grass
    • Herbs
    • Roots
    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Cereal

Then get a load of this:

You now switch this car over to ( Sweets, Sugar, Chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, fats & oils, cigarettes, vinegar, alcohol, Coca-Cola, chocolate, crisps, biscuits and even more Now how's it going to function? Of course, it's going to splutter, choke and you will be lucky if you can even start the engine. Your body is identical to this metaphor. The damage caused by unnatural input creates unnatural output. So it's no wonder that today's modern diet would eventually create problems in the body and prevent organs from naturally performing their role. In simple terms, it would do nothing more than cause it to BREAKDOWN!

Here's The Truth About Diabetes

Now, for the kicker that may surprise you


You think I'm lying don't you?

Yet the truth is Your body was created to produce insulin naturally, to not be reliant upon injections and all manner of unnatural methods to keep the body working. The cause of Diabetes is NOT just having too little insulin... it is about an organ that is showing the symptoms of dysfunction. An organ that is responding to the effects of an unnatural, harmful diet. The pancreas is too damaged to produce what your body needs, too damaged to allow your body to regulate your blood sugar levels normally. Now, pay attention as this is important You pancreas produces insulin; carbohydrates stimulate that part of your body more than anything else. What most doctors will have you believe is that your pancreas is no longer producing enough insulin, in fact it will never produce enough so you're going to have to jump on the diabetes bandwagon and fork out money for pills and equipment to make sure you don't go into shock. What scientists have uncovered is that the cause of the pancreas dysfunctioning is an increase in acids, carbohydrates, fats which damage the pancreas Needless to say that as your pancreas has to combat all the food you eat being that it's the next LINK after the stomach, over time it gets damaged causing it to no longer produce insulin the way it should. What all this means to you is:

But check this out!...

There is a natural method used by people suffering from Diabetes that has been helping sufferers better control and manage the condition. And you don't have to pay thousands of dollars for it! But it's rarely shared and you certainly won't find pharma companies and your doctor passing on this valuable and life changing solution. So why isn't this common knowledge?

Your Diet Is WHY you have Diabetes

Pre-Diabetes (types 2 and 1) are the by-product of attacks on your pancreas A by-product of the diet that you are on; Not only that your pancreas has NOW become a First line of defense against what you are ingesting every day. But it doesn't have to be that way. Don't take my word for it

Listen to this:

Quote From Dr Robert O Young

Beta cells surrounded by acids do not or cannot produce sufficient insulin. Acids destroy insulin receptor sites on the cellular membrane so body cells cannot properly use the hormone. If alkalinity is not soon restored, disease, including diabetes, takes hold. But without acidosis, there can be no sickness or disease ñ there can be no diabetes.

Dr. Robert O. Young, Microbiologist and Scientist, discovered that the cells that produce Insulin are being heavily damaged by acids - and more importantly, can be restored if the cells are healthy. [Please note that Dr Robert Young is not endorsing this product] Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary

Pretty powerful and startling facts wouldn't you say? The fact is that Dr Young is only one of many microbiologists and nutritional scientists who have stepped forward to challenge the scientific community. Work published in medical journals and tests performed through the John Hopkins Medical School have confirmed that this discovery is credible. If you're like me you're not a scientist, so let me lay this out for you in laymen's terms. Beta Cells are the cells that produce your insulin. When they come in contact with acids found in the food you swallow, that acid eats away at these cells and damages them little by little the pancreas stops producing the insulin your body needs.

Now, here's where it gets better:

Repair, Rebuild and Manage

If the pancreas can get a rest from being bombarded by these damaging acids it can repair and heal itself. It then returns to its main function producing insulin

Want to know, why?

Your body and more specifically your pancreas is far more powerful than you think. Its ability to bounce back from damage is astonishing. By now you probably can see that managing your diabetes is not about:

    • Taking dangerous over the counter solutions with side effects
    • High Cholesterol
    • Paying for expensive insulin and diabetes equipment
    • Or booking in for another a medical appointment to fight symptoms

It's about getting healthy and targeting the cause The cause is what you are eating, what you have been putting into your body. Until you know what you should be putting in, you will continue to experience the same consequences Medication will only ever tend to your symptoms, and may in fact they make the problem worse. It's a mess Diabetes is now classed the 5th in the highest causes of death despite all the pills, injections and equipment used by diabetes users. You don't have to become a statistic!


Hi Germaine, I never thought in my dreams that I would be writing down my thought like this and that too on diabetes. I ordered your book recently to get help for my diabetes and other health issues. I must congratulate you on the most informative contents and simple guidelines in the book that have change my life forever today my sugar levels are within control and I lead a much healthier lifestyle.
I am sooo grateful for your book!

Dorothy Adams, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Results Disclaimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hey Germaine, I just canít believe that my blood sugar id finally below 300 and that too without any medication. I have been fighting with diabetes for the past years. But it was only after following the information in your ebook, for the first time my sugar levels are within the normal range!
Thanks for giving me back my life!

Brian Campbell, New Orleans, Louisiana Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hello Germaine, Thanks a lot for the wonderful information! Wow! It feels great to keep those sugar levels under control. I have never felt so much better. I really wish more people like me could benefit from this book.
God bless you!

Thomas Taylor, Honolulu, Hawaii Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hi Germaine, how can I thank you enough? My life is completely changed today. I am 42 years old and from California, where I work as a school teacher. My erratic blood sugar level and those side effects of heavy medications would leave me drained out. But it’s a different story today. I have been religiously following the guidelines in your amazing book for approx 2 months now. I have lost 24 lbs, my blood sugar is normal and my energy is definitely higher.
Your book has completely changed my life!

Ruth Garcia, Anaheim, California Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hey Germaine, I am amazed at the progress my husband is making while fighting against diabetes. And all thanks to the guidance and valuable help he is getting from your book. It has been only one month and he has made some startling improvements in his sugar levels and blood pressure.
Even his doctor is impressed and was asking about the book!

Margaret Nelson, Tampa, Florida Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hi Germaine, When my son got diabetes at the young age of 34, I could just not believe it. I could see long years of battle with his insulin level in the coming years and regular intake of medicines. But then I came upon your marvelous book on diabetes and immediately ordered it for my son. After following all the guidelines and simple instructions in the book, I must say, he is a changed man today. His blood sugar, blood pressure and even his weight are under control.
I find it hard to believe but the results are there in front of me. I am a happy and a relieved mother today. Thanks to you!

Sharon Parker, Bakersfield, California Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hi Germaine, I ordered your e-book online and to be honest was a little skeptical if this would really help improve on my diabetic condition. But it has really turned out to be a blessing. Now my blood sugar blood level is well within normal range and all other negative symptoms too are gone. I feel much more active at an age of 65.
I really canít thank you enough!

Edward Miller, Corpus Christi, Texas Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hello everybody, Today, my father is a completely changed person. I ordered the Ebook to seek help for his diabetic condition. His blood sugars and blood pressure had never been normal. But once he started following the instructions in the book, not only is his blood sugars under control but his overall heath are improving too!
Thanks you for sharing this great great health information!

Joseph Hernandez, Riverside, California Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hi Germaine, I really can’t thank you enough. I was really worried about my husband who had been a diabetic all the years and I could see his health going down. But I am thankful for my friend who asked us to order your book. We started applying all the suggestions and ideas in the book and the results began to show just in a couple of weeks!
This book is simply wonderful!

With best wishes,
Carol Moore, Cincinnati, Ohio Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hello Germaine, I am 59 years old and had never been able to get my sugar level under control. I had so many other health problems too. But thankfully and all due to the guidance in your book, my blood sugar now hover around 120 and my blood pressure too is on the lower side. I feel good and high on energy.
All thanks to this amazing eBook!

Susan Evans, Lexington, Kentucky Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hey Germaine, Thanks a lot for the amazing guidance and information in your wonderful book!
I followed the simple instructions and made changes to my lifestyle and here I am today with perfectly controlled blood sugars for the last three months in a row! Even my doctor finds it hard to believe as he knows how erratic my sugar levels have been all these years.
Thanks mate for all your help!

Steven Gonzalez, Stockton, California Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hiya Germaine, I never really thought that I could get my blood sugar level under control. And that too after all these years! I was a diabetic patient for 20 years now and at the age of 71 had little hope to get completely cured of it. But for the first time in my life, my blood sugar has been normal and that too consistently.
All thanks to the wonderful information in your book. I wish I had got this info earlier.

Charles Thompson, Saint Louis, Missouri Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hi all, I am 54 now and have been a diabetic for the past 12 years. In all these years I had never been able to cure it and was just getting medicines to keep the sugar level under control. But today I feel almost free from diabetes and this wonderful change in my life has happened only because of your book. Please advertise your book so that more people like me get the help they need! I am already recommending the book to other close friends and family
Thank you soo much!

Donna Allen, Santa Ana, California Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hello Germaine, Thank you very much for your energetical help. When I checked my sugar levels after a tedious journey abroad it showed 215. I knew if I go to allopathic treatment it will really bust me off and also I will be a continuous supporter of drug manufacturer and drug sellers. Also my attachment to my body is not so strong. So I started taking ayurvedic remedies like Okra and various home remedies like herbal food especially famous for diabetes like bitter gourd etc… Now I feel superb and I did not check after that and I am sure I will be in around the range of 100-110. I must thank you for your stout help as I was rummaging my courage to face this menace. However I thought if my body wants to fall victim to this menace my mind will not be a victim. So I continued my meditation heedlessly to this body’s problem. I presume that I am out of this problem now. Please accept my gratitude for your help

Sarah, Arlington, Texas Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hey Ms Hudson, Thank you so much for sharing great ebook content and even the free videos too! They are really very substantive and informative. These are the things we want to know.

Sapia Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary


Hi Germaine! Thank you once again.. I’m so happy upon knowing I could get some help from you..

Jerito, Minneapolis, Minnesota Results Discloimer: Individual Results Will Vary

Results Disclaimer: Individual Results Will Vary.

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Created for people of all ages who are suffering from diabetes, this is simple (yet highly effective) information that uncovers the secret that is shocking the scientific community and helping long term diabetes sufferers.

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How To Lose 10 Pounds Naturally (Value $37) You'll get a step by step guide to achieving a greater level of health as well as immediate relief from weight gain.

How To Lose 10 Pounds Naturallyî (Value $37) Youíll get a step by step guide to achieving a greater level of health as well as immediate relief from weight gain.

How To Lose 10 Pounds Naturally (Value $37) You'll get a step by step guide to achieving a greater level of health as well as immediate relief from weight gain.

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Author BIO

Germaine Hudson has for the past 15 years been a keen health enthusiast and has a deep love and passion for the natural health market. After personally experiencing some of her close relatives suffering from Diabetes, she decided to study the best natural ways to help her loved ones improve their standard of living and become happier. She came across the wonderful teachings of Dr Robert Young, Dr Wayne Dyer and many other leaders in good health practice and simply adding her own good health practices has decided to help others improve their health and well-being too.

One Last Word From The Author

It has and continues to be my passion and privilege to assist people who are desperately frustrated and struggling with diabetes. It has always been my goal to empower lives and transform peopleís health and wellbeing so that they can feel strong and pain free.

I truly know that wellbeing is yours and my role is to share the truth behind false health information that permeates advertising, TV and doctor's offices. I'm pleased to introduce this life changing and dynamic diabetes managing solution to allow you to enjoy life.


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