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Firstly, there are millions of diabetes sufferers around the world who are suffering in silence and dying. We have discovered a need for people to learn how to not only manage but to actually reverse their situation. With your help, we can inform people of what they need to do practically to make their lives better.

Once you register you are going to learn instant tried and tested strategies on how to promote this excellent best selling product on the following major networks…

Google Adwords is the Internet God father of online advertising. We will show you how to create excellent campaigns using both the ‘Search’ network and the ‘Content / Display’ network. We will provide you with high quality keyword research and ready-made banners for you to use.

Learn the insider step-by-step secrets on how to successfully get your ads approved and get the best price on Facebook PPC ads. This is probably even much better than Google as the whole world is practically on Facebook. Watch some exclusive super affiliate videos promoting this very product on Facebook

As we know, the whole world is pretty much on Facebook, and there is a lot of FREE traffic out there to capitalize on. Using Facebook PPC is great but don’t underestimate the power of FREE content by setting a simple Facebook community page. We’ll show you how to do this and make it effective and informative to offer value to your members.


Heard of Youtube? Exactly, who hasn’t? Owned by Google who favor great, new and informative video content. We’ll talk to you about how to create simple, valuable and informative videos that can help many diabetes sufferers around the globe and help earn you commissions. Register now as an affiliate and watch your content go viral and what’s more, it’s FREE to do this!

Heard of Admob? No, we thought so. Admob is an easy mobile phone advertising platform that has been recently taken over by Google. So if Google have invested in this great advertising platform, don’t you think you should too? Discover how to cash in on the mobile advertising trend and promote on cell phones.

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